Web development in the 1990's

Thu, 24 Jun 2010 09:58:22 +1000

Sometimes we get a bit nostalgic when we remember the "good old days". It always seems better in our memories that it probably was.

With internet development, the "good old days" wasn't very long ago and I would hardly call them good. I started my business in 1996, which was really at the birth on the internet in Australia (at least for the public). I had been using the internet via Monash University (I was a student) since 1991 but it was very archaic and nothing like what we have today.

When I started out on my own, I did some web development work for self interest at first, but soon people were asking me to do them a website for their business, so I sort of fell into this. My first efforts could hardly be called pleasant these days but back in the mid to late 90's every site looked terrible. Things such as flashing text, splash pages and really bold colours and backgrounds that made it almost impossible to read the pages were very prevalent on many websites. The dancing baby was a must have graphic for your website as well as a counter and some nasty background repeating music file.

For some great examples of bad (nay typical) 1990''s website design see Web Pages that Suck Well thankfully things have turned around and we have gotten over most of the bad habits, although there are still some people using these relics of the 90''s on their sites. These days we have moved to cleaner design (see Web 2.0) which is focused more on providing the user with the information they require than blasting their brains with lights and sound.


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