Small Business Website Design

Tue, 08 Jul 2014 09:39:00 +1000

What are the keys to a successful small business website? Good question and it’s one I ask myself frequently when taking on a new small business client. Every small business will have their own particular needs and desires when it comes to creating a website for their business but there are some key ingredients to helping them get the most out of their venture into the online world.

  1. Keep it simple. Think about what you want the website to achieve. In most cases this will be to generate more clients for your business.  What site content is going to help you do that? It may be examples and testimonials or it might be pricing or some other detail.
  2. Draw the client to the important content. Most internet browsers are looking for information and generally want to find it quickly. Make it easy for them.
  3. Start small. Sometimes I get clients that want to start their own Amazon overnight; they have no idea of the complexities of creating such a monster. Ideas are great but so is experience. Often you will start a website and it will take a direction vastly different to what you expected, be prepared to grow and change.
  4. Keep it up to date. Having a website that never changes simply reflects on your business. Keep the content fresh and relevant, people notice if you haven’t changed anything for a while.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important. One thing I try to stress with clients when we launch their new website is that they must be constantly trying to get their site listed higher in search engines. The CMS we provide to customers has some simple built in methods for helping with SEO. Basic things like having relevant page titles that contain keywords. Make sure you do regular searches for your site and note its position. Make some site changes and try the search again a few weeks later. This way you get a feel for what works for your site.

I always try to keep things as simple as possible. Simple is good for you, good for your clients and good for the search engines. Be pro-active with your website maintenance and you will see the results.


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