Simplistic Web Design

Mon, 31 May 2010 09:32:40 +1000

I have always tried to instill in my clients the need for a simple interface to their website.

With my job designing website, I obviously spend a lot of time browsing the internet for ideas, both good and bad. One thing I am always looking out for is sites that have easy and obvious navigation. Many sites I come across can often loose the user with an array of options to choose from and they can quickly become lost. Government websites are prime examples of this. I know these sites are usually trying to offer vast amounts of information and resources but almost without exception, that information is difficult to find for the casual user. When we design a new site we always put emphasis on the navigation and we almost always get a third party to user test the site before we launch. This way we can get a fresh pespective on the design and see if the user is able to navigate easily around the site. Some designers will think if they can find their way around then everyone can, this is clearly not the case.


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