How much does a website cost?

Sun, 25 Apr 2010 08:45:00 +1000

This is the question I most frequently get asked by prospective clients. It turns out that most people actually have no idea about the relative costs of website development.

Most people just want you to tell them a dollar figure, which can be very hard to do without knowing much about the persons business and goals. The best thing you can do before you contact your web designer is to map out exactly what you want from your website. This will include creating a sitemap (similar to an org chart) of your proposed site, including all the pages you require. Then you need to think about which parts of this site are dynamic and which parts are relatively static.

You will also need to decide on whether you need to update the site yourself or if you would prefer to to enter into a maintenance contract with the designer to look after it for you. Another cost that many people tend to overlook in the design process is obtaining professional quality photos or imagery that can be used on the website.

If your business is tourism based such as accommodation etc then this is even more important as great images will help sell your business over a site with poor images. So before you contact your designer, make sure you can answer all these questions, this way there wont be any surprises at the end when the bill comes in.


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