Content is King

Mon, 15 Aug 2011 10:30:44 +1000

I just read an old article by Matthew Stibbe (see, that reminded me of the importance of getting your website content right and giving it greater importance than the actual website design.

With all of the websites that I have done over many years, the one thing that is always the biggest holdup to finishing the site is the delivery of the content. I always seem to be adding "Lorum ispsum" text in place of real content for the design mockups and it stays that way for quite a while after the design is complete.

So I say to all people who want a website, before you even contact your designer, get you website content sorted. Don't rely on the designer to do it for you as that is not his job. If you have problems doing this then get a professional copywriter to produce this for you. Content is what people come to your website for, not a flashy interface.


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