A Simpler Content Management System

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 08:30:04 +1000

Well it has taken me a long time to get around to this, but I have finally decided to site down and build a generic content management system for websites.

Over the years I have built a lot of websites where I seem to be repeating the development work. It took a slack period to get me into action but I think the wait has been worth it. Years of experience has taught me what most clients expect from their websites. Generally most people are asking for the same thing.

The questions they will always ask are similar to this:

  • "Can I edit the site once you have designed it?"
  • "Can I upload a newsletter once a month?"
  • "Can I add news and/or events?"
  • "Can I have a photo gallery that I can upload pictures to?"
  • "Can I have membership only pages on my site?" etc. etc.

So I put all these requests into a simple to manage CMS. Each of these features becomes a plugin that I can turn on or off, depending on the requirements for the website.

So what are the advantages of this CMS? Well firstly, it means that I don't have to repeatedly write the same code over and over. It also means that the client will get a better and more consistent product.

You may also ask why I didn't just use some open source content management system like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress. Well the main reason is that these CMS's can be very complex and daunting to users. All they want to do is edit pages and add content to their site. They don't want to be searching for plugins or trying to work out some complex administration system. I will be continuing to develop this product further and adding more features as I see the need. Any ideas and suggestions are most welcome. I will be posting up a sample website based on this CMS shortly, so people can get a feel for how it works.


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